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Oxford Boot non-slip sole

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Give your little one a touch of style with our smooth leather Oxford boot. The soft, pliable leather is gentle enough to feel comfortable on your baby and offers the kind of flexibility needed by toddlers on the go. Partial rubber soles grip smooth flooring so you can enjoy your early walker's first steps without fear of a slip and fall. It's perfect for any setting, whether you're taking a walk in the park or preparing for a posh event. The Oxford boot comes in brown and grey and is guaranteed to be free of any dangerous chemicals.

We recommend that you measure your child's foot against our size chart before purchasing. The inner length should be longer than your child's foot by 0.5 to 1 cm to allow room to grow

    Size Guide

     US Size Age Insole Length
    2 0-6 months 11.0 cm
    3 6-12 months  11.8 cm
    4 12-18 months 12.6 cm
    5 18-24 months 13.4 cm
    6 2-2.5 years 14.2 cm
    7 2.5-3 years 15.0 cm
    8 3-3.5 years 15.8 cm
    9 3.5-4 years 16.6 cm


    We recommend that the shoes’ inner length should be longer than your toddler's foot by 0.5 to 1 cm to allow room to grow

    Measure the feet in the afternoon, because they will become
    wider and longer during the day.

    Your child should be standing instead of sitting during
    measurements, as this also affects the size of the feet. Upon measuring, place the foot on a tape measure and measure it from the heel to the longest toe. The measurement from the heel to the longest toe is your child’s shoe size.

    Always measure both feet: differences in length can occur. A
    difference of 6 mm in length is quite normal, but this corresponds to a whole shoe size and must be taken into consideration when buying.

    Always make your shoe purchases according to the longest

    Care Instructions

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